Garden rooms can add 5%

Garden rooms can add 5%

As spring unfolds, bringing with it a tapestry of seven-spot ladybirds, daffodils, and snowdrops, our focus naturally shifts towards the outdoors. The anticipation of warmer days has us pondering the potential of our gardens, not just for their beauty but as a strategic asset to enhance our homes' value.

Recent research by The Motley Fool sheds light on an intriguing trend: the addition of a garden room can significantly uplift your property's value, by an average of 5%. Envision a space that merges seamlessly with nature, equipped with full insulation, double glazing, and the essential connections for electricity and internet, transforming it into a year-round sanctuary. And the best part? Most garden rooms materialize without the hurdles of planning permission.

In the current UK property landscape, where the average house price stands at £312,415, a garden room could potentially escalate this figure by up to £15,600. Considering the average installation cost hovers around £10,000, this addition is not just an aesthetic upgrade but a savvy investment promising swift returns and amplified desirability for your property.

With the median garden size across Great Britain at 188 square meters, dedicating merely 16 square meters to a garden room introduces a versatile new dimension to your home, without compromising the joy of a spacious garden.


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