New Build Premium

New Build Premium

New build homes are increasingly catching the eye of homemovers across the UK. With modern designs, energy efficiency, and attractive features, these properties are offering an appealing alternative to traditional re-sale homes. This post explores the trends, advantages, and popularity of new build properties in the UK.

A Growing Attraction: New Build Homes

  1. Price Premium: New build homes carry a 22% price premium, with the average price being nearly £55,500 more than a re-sale property. This premium is a reflection of the unique benefits that new homes offer, including modern design and quality construction.

  2. Popularity Among Homemovers: Nearly half of all homemovers would consider a new build property. This growing interest results in new build sales accounting for 1 in every 8 properties sold across the UK.

  3. Energy and Environmental Efficiency: Research indicates that new build properties are more likely to be energy and environmentally efficient. This contributes to lower utility bills and supports the broader push towards sustainability.

  4. Low Maintenance and Guarantees: Homeowners are also attracted to new build homes due to low maintenance requirements, warranties, and insurance guarantees. These factors provide additional peace of mind and can save significant money over time.

The New Build Advantage: A Closer Look

The allure of new build homes extends beyond mere numbers. Modern homeowners are prioritising environmental consciousness, contemporary designs, and hassle-free living. New build properties meet these desires by offering:

  • Energy Efficiency: With better insulation and modern appliances, new build homes often meet higher energy efficiency standards.
  • Warranties: New build properties typically come with warranties that cover structural issues, giving homeowners added security.
  • Customisation: Many developers offer options to customise interiors, allowing buyers to have a home that reflects their tastes and preferences.


New build homes are carving out a significant place in the UK housing market. With their numerous advantages, they are becoming a popular choice among homemovers. As environmental concerns continue to grow and modern lifestyles evolve, the trend towards new build properties is likely to continue its upward trajectory.


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