Renters Planning to Stay for Longer: Trends and Changes in the Rental Market

Renters Planning to Stay for Longer: Trends and Changes in the Rental Market

The rental landscape in Warwickshire is witnessing a significant shift, with renters opting for longer tenures in their properties. In this blog, we'll delve into the latest rental market data in Warwickshire and explore the reasons behind this trend. From extended rental contracts to proposed legislative changes, let's uncover why renters in Warwickshire are choosing to stay put for more extended periods.

1. Extended Rental Contracts Becoming the Norm

In the second quarter of 2023, the average length of an initial rental contract in Warwickshire rose to 12.7 months, a notable increase from 10.5 months during the same period in 2019. This upward trend indicates that renters in Warwickshire are now planning to stay in their rental properties for longer durations. Several factors contribute to this shift in behavior, with low levels of available rental stock and rising rents in the open market being key drivers.

2. The Allure of Longer Stays in London

Among the cities witnessing this trend, London stands out as the place where renters are looking to remain in their properties for the longest amount of time. The highly competitive rental market in the capital has likely influenced renters in Warwickshire to seek greater stability and security by extending their tenures.

3. Proposed Changes in Rental Legislation

The Renters (Reform) Bill proposes significant changes to the rental market in Warwickshire, one of which is the end of fixed-term Assured Shorthold Tenancies (ASTs). If implemented, rental contracts in Warwickshire would become open-ended, granting renters greater flexibility. This proposed reform could be one of the contributing factors to renters' increasing inclination towards longer stays in their rental homes.


The rental market in Warwickshire is experiencing a notable transformation, with renters now planning to stay in their properties for more extended periods. Factors such as limited rental stock, rising rents, and the competitive nature of certain rental markets in Warwickshire have influenced this trend. Furthermore, proposed legislative changes that could provide renters with more flexibility in their contracts might be contributing to this shift in behavior.

For both renters and landlords in Warwickshire, these changes offer opportunities and challenges. Renters can enjoy increased stability and greater freedom to choose the length of their tenancy, while landlords in Warwickshire may need to adapt to a market with longer-term tenants.

As the rental market evolves in Warwickshire it's essential for both renters and landlords to stay informed about the latest developments and remain adaptable to the changing landscape. Whether you're a renter seeking a long-term home or a landlord navigating these shifts in Warwickshire, understanding the market dynamics will be crucial for making informed decisions.

Source: #Dataloft Rental Market Analytics. Data to end of Q2 2023


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